Changelog 2023-Oct-21




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    Frank Iversen

    We REALLY need the client to work with Mac Os 14. We are selling Printix as a service and this service has not worked for our customer since they upgraded to Mac OS 14 26th september. Which the OS does automatically.

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    Eivind Brenningen

    We've spoken to Printix about this and was promised a MacOS fix in the November release. I really do hope that means this week. Printix has zero value at the moment.

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    Jan-Willem Spuij

    Same here. We litterally just became partner and offered it to the first mac customer. Next thing, it does not work with sonoma. Also this is regarded as a product "feature", not a bug. We intend to sell it as a service too, we don't control whether our customers update or not.

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