Resolved: Slow performance 2019-01-04




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    Murphy, JJ

    Can we get more regular updates?  Our users aren't happy and we're blind beyond this basic announcement.

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    What was the cause, and what have you done to prevent this from happening again in the future? If you are to have enterprises rely on your service, you need to step up on error reporting, proactivity and communication. When you have a issue, don't just place an announcement, have active communications towards your customers, so that we can, early on, warn our users.

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    Printix Support (Edited )


    Thanks for your comments. We try to be open about what's happening with our system. 

    We experienced difficulties in one of the database clusters and that caused it to slow down and intermittently be unresponsive. This was most likely caused by a failure during an automated backup session, which did not conclude successfully.

    We are doing internal debriefings to learn from this and are scoping actions to do, so we can avoid it in the future. Some of the items are increased logging and monitoring in specific areas close to the database cluster, so we can see it coming in advance and respond proactively before it becomes an issue. In the unlikely event this should happen again, a "disaster recovery" which can be executed in a few minutes is created. A number of other initiatives to improve the system’s robustness has also been initiated.

    I hope this answers your questions?

    Friendly regards, 



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